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Computer says, “No”. The Apple App Store strikes again.

I for one will be supporting @aral and @laura by repurchasing Better Blocker.

New Blog Post: Install your own WireGuard VPN, the most stable VPN I’ve used to date.

“The only reason to adopt microservices is if you will inevitably ship your org chart.”

I enjoyed this talk by Ben Sigelman on the lessons he’s learned from being exposed to microservices. Keeping your dashboards simple as the number of services increases takes both understanding and effort.

Has anyone seen any work on a federated, more open approach to location tracking and sharing? I’ve been toying with an open, more personal alternative to Foursquare.

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“The problem with these tests is twofold. First, parents are testing their children in ways that could have serious implications as they grow older — and they are not old enough to consent. Second, by sharing their children’s genetic information on public websites, parents are forever exposing their personal health data.”

“Where you’re from”

A beautiful blog post by Serena Chen on our association with place and how a simple question can be used to divide or unite.

If you’ve ever wondered how Change Data Capture might be implemented, this is an excellent blog post by the Netflix Engineering team that explains how they’ve implemented DBLog, an open source CDC tool.

I particularly like the use of the low and high watermarks to ensure the contents of a dump don’t overwrite more up to date entries from the transaction log.

The headline says Google today but until corporates are heels accountable for something other than profit these stories will continue. It’s difficult to see where this accountability will come from.

> “Is it the inevitable outcome of a corporate culture that rewards growth and profits over social impact and responsibility?”

Algorithmic News feeds are no longer feeding me interesting things to read. The last hold out, Apple News, is not much more than a collection of adverts and low quality attention seeking headlines.

For 2020 I’ve subscribed to the FT instead.

“Ten years of social media have left us all worse off.” –

There is so much more that could be said about the way we’ve allowed social media to shape the last decade; speed over accuracy, the role of the algorithmic feed, the amplification of minority views, the lack of accountability, the abuse...

The more I read about these large scale security breaches, the more I think security is an underrated field of work. Too often the real challenges are lost in efforts to guarantee security through poorly fitting checklists and process. Ghosts in the Clouds: Inside China's Major Corporate Hack - Wall Street Journal

WireGuard is turning out to be a remarkably stable VPN setup. Very quick to install, lightning fast and works brilliantly when on flaky WiFi connections. I’m using it to tunnel all twit back through a DO droplet.

Server-Timing Client-Side: Augment the DevTools network timing charts with server-side timing information.

Spot on by @victoria on .

> "A lack of awareness of security seems to lead to a lack of prioritization of tasks that don’t directly support bringing the product to launch. The market seems to have made it more important to launch a usable product than a secure one, with the prevailing attitude being, “we can do the security stuff later.”

As son’s vocabulary starts to increase, we’ve noticed that “Daddy”👨 and “垃圾” 🚮 are now used interchangeably. Is he trolling me?

What do Facebook, China and Apple have in common? It’s not technology…

They’ve all been the subject of discussion on an incredible run of episodes on The Exponent podcast by Ben Thompson and James Allworth. Highly recommend.

If you are on the journey to micro-services, you could do worse than put some thought into understanding dependencies between your system components.

All too often it’s the pager that alerts teams to the increased complexity and fragility of managing inter-service dependencies at runtime.

The mysterious case of macOS Terminal ignoring folders in the PATH variable. Or how the Catalina upgrade broke copy/paste in Vim.

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Yep, sold out.

So now they have to make several billion dollars and exit (get sold or IPO). How are they going to do that? And who’s going to buy them? Google, Facebook, IBM, Palantir…?

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For all the talk of “lawyers should learn to code”, perhaps we can focus on even a high-level understanding of how some core tech works first?

(Says me, grumpily, after abandoning an article on legal issues in DNS as neither the authors nor reviewers seem to understand DNS.)

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