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What do Facebook, China and Apple have in common? It’s not technology…

They’ve all been the subject of discussion on an incredible run of episodes on The Exponent podcast by Ben Thompson and James Allworth. Highly recommend.

If you are on the journey to micro-services, you could do worse than put some thought into understanding dependencies between your system components.

All too often it’s the pager that alerts teams to the increased complexity and fragility of managing inter-service dependencies at runtime.

The mysterious case of macOS Terminal ignoring folders in the PATH variable. Or how the Catalina upgrade broke copy/paste in Vim.

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Yep, sold out.

So now they have to make several billion dollars and exit (get sold or IPO). How are they going to do that? And who’s going to buy them? Google, Facebook, IBM, Palantir…?

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For all the talk of “lawyers should learn to code”, perhaps we can focus on even a high-level understanding of how some core tech works first?

(Says me, grumpily, after abandoning an article on legal issues in DNS as neither the authors nor reviewers seem to understand DNS.)

HTTP Archive's annual state of the web report is out. I’ve not been able to read it all but love the factual, non-alarmist tone. Stand out chapter for me has been the insight into 3rd Party. Key take away being that the reach of the web giants is invisible to the majority of web users.


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