Is there a standard format for privacy conscious web logs? If not, what would you include or exclude?

New Blog: Conditional Services with Docker Compose - or how you can make use of the dependency tree to do the work for you.

Spent some time this weekend packaging a Django (DRF) application and deploying using GitHub Actions and Docker Compose. The resulting image is 1.2GB once all dependencies are installed. I’m sure I can trim this, but it’s not a great starting point.

Accelerating development is a noble goal, but that’s a lot of bytes for an API. I’m finding myself increasingly supportive of the idea of Mechanical Sympathy that Bill Kennedy promotes within the Go community.


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when you need to tweak the settings on your pasta


@Gina Congratulations!! That’s not a bad time either. I’m up to 6km at the moment, but I’m chasing that 10km target as that means I could run to work.

‪Wondering if anyone has pulled together a Trello board to work through identifying U.K. school places? Would love to see templates if they exist.‬

‪I wonder if/how/should Tencent have been engaged in modelling the spread of the latest Coronavirus and/or helping authorities contact people at risk.‬

Ive decided not to put my name forward for a vacant management position at work. There are a number of reasons behind my decision. But, given that almost everyone else in the team has gone for it, I’ve been trying to articulate what I want from a manager. I’m finding it an incredibly hard question to answer.

@victoria Spot on. I find this far easier to do with technical or project assumptions than I do with personal or life assumptions. The former happens almost subconsciously (but probably not frequently enough), the latter requires real conscious effort.

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I for one am looking forward to the day when Kubernetes becomes as boring for businesses as physical infrastructure.

It is an incredible foundation but there is more to life than yaml.

Computer says, “No”. The Apple App Store strikes again.

I for one will be supporting @aral and @laura by repurchasing Better Blocker.

New Blog Post: Install your own WireGuard VPN, the most stable VPN I’ve used to date.

“The only reason to adopt microservices is if you will inevitably ship your org chart.”

I enjoyed this talk by Ben Sigelman on the lessons he’s learned from being exposed to microservices. Keeping your dashboards simple as the number of services increases takes both understanding and effort.

Has anyone seen any work on a federated, more open approach to location tracking and sharing? I’ve been toying with an open, more personal alternative to Foursquare.

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“The problem with these tests is twofold. First, parents are testing their children in ways that could have serious implications as they grow older — and they are not old enough to consent. Second, by sharing their children’s genetic information on public websites, parents are forever exposing their personal health data.”

“Where you’re from”

A beautiful blog post by Serena Chen on our association with place and how a simple question can be used to divide or unite.

If you’ve ever wondered how Change Data Capture might be implemented, this is an excellent blog post by the Netflix Engineering team that explains how they’ve implemented DBLog, an open source CDC tool.

I particularly like the use of the low and high watermarks to ensure the contents of a dump don’t overwrite more up to date entries from the transaction log.

The headline says Google today but until corporates are heels accountable for something other than profit these stories will continue. It’s difficult to see where this accountability will come from.

> “Is it the inevitable outcome of a corporate culture that rewards growth and profits over social impact and responsibility?”

Algorithmic News feeds are no longer feeding me interesting things to read. The last hold out, Apple News, is not much more than a collection of adverts and low quality attention seeking headlines.

For 2020 I’ve subscribed to the FT instead.

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